Post-Apocalyptic Animated Short Pits BATMAN Against THE TERMINATOR

Batman versus The Terminator

Being a staunch believer in the simple products of our yesteryears, I’ve never been the biggest fan of the internet. The internet just seems too easy… everything accessible in a click of a button. However, it does allow almost any single person (sorry, North Korea) to display their artistic abilities for the entire world to enjoy. And down the infinite maze of corridors that is “the internet,” there are cracks in the walls where one can find some truly amazing ingenuity.

During one of my usual late night strolls down these endless corridors, I stumbled upon something really great, a little animation entitled Batman vs. The Terminator. Not only did it feature two of my favorite fictional characters, but there was a sort of pleasant aura of nostalgia about it, reminiscent of the late 80’s/early 90’s Saturday morning cartoons we all know and love so much.

A concept created by Tony Guerrero and animated by Mitchell Hammond, Batman vs. The Terminator takes place in our favorite era of what I like to call, Sci-Fi Realism. It’s Los Angeles, 2029, and Skynet has already become self aware and sent our planet into a post-apocalyptic Judgment Day. The few remaining survivors join together to fight as the Human Resistance as “the machine.” In most scenarios they’d be screwed… fortunately they have a bearded, aged, yet still badass Bruce Wayne Batman on their side.

batman-vs-terminator1What I truly applaud here is the sound, animation, and extremely creative subtly that proves it was made by genuine fans of the genre. The use of primary colors [red and blue] is a direct homage to both franchises; Batman being in a very neo-noir setting and James Cameron’s signature use of oranges, reds, and blues to create a dark, unsettling, futuristic contrast. The simple animation and subtle images of bats and tank tracks crushing over skulls is a direct payment of respect to the original cinematography. Yet the best element of this short has to be the music. The inclusion of the music by Noir Deco, with its robotic humming and machine-grinding faint allegiance to the Terminator theme, gives the already excellent video an extension of proficiency.

My favorite aspect of the plot is that they chose Batman as the protagonist amidst an array of superhero options. Yeah, sure, Superman versus Terminator has already been done but Batman doesn’t have special powers. He’s a real person, a fighter, who uses weapons and gadgets instead of ungodly powers. This allots him the perfect position as a soldier in the Human Resistance. And who better to to battle the massive armies of Skynet than Batman? Now that would be one hell of a fight.


This episode kicks open a door of infinite possibilities in creating a future for a series like this. It ends on a cliffhanger which must be an indirect promise that we will find out what happens to Bruce. It allows for an arsenal of enemies he can fight (perhaps a re-introduction of the T-1000?) and a number of challenges posed before our hero. The internet can be a beautiful place! So to the creators of this great “pilot episode,” I believe I can speak for us all, keep this going!

Written by Mat Spitkovsky

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  • The Sewer Den

    This was exactly what I needed. Perfect for putting work on hold for a couple minutes. Great find!

  • Call me Snake

    why Batman of all things? can we get a RoboCop vs Terminator please?