‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Trailer Proves Marvel Does Movies Better than DC

It’s no secret that DC Comics has struggled to turn their larger-than-life superheroes into box office hits over the past decade or more. For every Batman Returns or The Dark Knight movie we get, there’s another film house flop like Catwoman or Jonah Hex just waiting around the corner to disappoint us even more. Marvel, on the other hand, seems to understand how to translate their titles into blockbuster movies. Look no further than Guardians of the Galaxy for proof of that.

The trailer is just a couple minutes long but gives you the basics: a team of characters most viewers have probably never heard of (go away comic purists) who are described in the most condensed way possible: Drax, the avenger; Gamora, the assassin; Rocket, the raccoon with anger management issues; Groot, the guard/houseplant; and Robert Quill, A.K.A. Star-Lord. The quick cuts and off-the-cuff introduction all set the mood for something weird to come, and that’s what the movie wants to happen.

For all intents and purposes this movie is an experiment, a way to see if it’s possible to introduce lesser known characters and franchises into the Hollywood spotlight. Some may say that is because of money, others may say it’s because Disney doesn’t currently own the rights to make movies based on more proven Marvel franchises like Spider-Man, X-Men or Fantastic Four. I say it’s a little bit of both, but the big point here is that this movie is a huge risk for Disney. In a way, though, it will show if it’s possible to interest audiences with some of Marvel’s more obscure properties, thus allowing them to become animated series or steady movie franchises… and consequently make more money out of them. It’s a big risk, but while Disney at least tries to establish a wider cinematic universe, DC and Warner Bros. still struggle to bring properties like Superman and Batman to the front lines, leaving a large cast of incredible heroes and villains behind and barely giving them any proper animated or live action treatment.

Wonder-Woman-Rainfall-FilmsWhile how successful Guardians of the Galaxy will actually be still remains to be seen, one thing is for certain… it’s got to be better than 2011’s Green Lantern. And while we wait for Warner Bros/DC to make yet another Superman movie (featuring Batman no less), Marvel is able to stick a Raccoon with a gun and a living tree into a movie and make it look cool. Why the, DC, can’t you make a movie about the greatest icons of women in comics? MAKER A WONDER WOMAN MOVIE! And, in case you’re listening, if you ever bring her to the big screen please use Danny Woodburn in the role of Doctor Psycho. That is all.

Written by Borja Chavarri

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