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Independently Awesome: Monster Montage Bicycle® Playing Cards

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February 20, 2014


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Independently Awesome: Monster Montage Bicycle® Playing Cards

Although you could consider playing cards one of the oldest “toys” in our history, I’ve never been much of a card player. Perhaps I lack the sophistication it takes to sit down for a game of “Go Fish” or the competitive risk-taking for high stakes poker. More likely it’s just that they’re normally so boring to look at with their listless faces and perfect hair… that terrifyingly perfect– anyway, thanks to Scott Carey (who obviously has a great affinity for playing cards) and his horror-inspired MONSTER MONTAGE Bicycle® Playing Cards set my interest is piqued.

Designed by artist Carlos Bercini, this set features a variety homages to classic monsters like Dracula, Wolfman, The Mummy and Frankenstein’s Monster. Rounding out the face cards are a cyclops and what appears to be a vengeful gypsy… a little odd, but what the heck, they’re pretty original if nothing else.

monster-bicycle-cards-2 monster-bicycle-cards-1 monster-bicycle-cards-3

If you’re interested in learning more or to see how you can help support this project, be sure to stop by the Monster Montage Playing Cards Kickstarter page.

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  • Dex

    Done and done! Thanks for making me aware of this KS. I’ve got a nice little collection of playing cards going.

    • Rondal

      Haha, glad I could help add another cool set to the collection!