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BEN 10 Returns to Cartoon Network in GALACTIC MONSTERS

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February 10, 2014


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BEN 10 Returns to Cartoon Network in GALACTIC MONSTERS

Ben 10 Galactic MonstersDespite enjoying the concept behind the original BEN 10 I never have been a big fan of the latest series, Ben 10: Omniverse. The new art style and less interesting cast just doesn’t cut it, but this… this could get my attention back. Cartoon Network has just announced BEN 10: OMNIVERSE – GALACTIC MONSTERS set to premiere this Saturday and as the title implies it will focus on the “monster aliens” from the Ben 10 universe like Zombozo and the Circus Freaks, Snare-Oh, Frankenstrike, a new version of Ghostfreak (?) and presumably others.

A whole series – no, a whole planet – filled with weird monster/alien hybrids? That has SO much potential to be awesome. Heck, I’d watch it just to see Ghostfreak return or maybe even the skull-faced “Master Magician” Hex. The new series starts this Saturday, February 15 at 9 am ET/8 am CT.


Monsters, mummies and werewolves may be taking over, but Ben has defended the universe from the worst of the worst. Now it’s hero time on Monster Planet! The spooky fun begins with “Something Zombozo This Way Comes,” when Ben and Rook must stop Zombozo and the Circus Freaks from turning everyone in Bellwood into zombie clowns. Tune-in to Cartoon Network every Saturday morning to see who comes out of the shadows next!

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