Sony’s Thievious Raccoonus Set To Steal the Big Screen in 2016

Sly Cooper Teaser Trailer

Sly Cooper, master thief extraordinaire and Playstation’s long-running pixelated protagonist, is the latest in an ever growing line of Sony owned properties making the leap from your gaming consoles to the multiplex in his own respective feature-length film. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Sly first reared his beautifully cell-shaded mug back in 2002 in Sucker Punch Productions sophmore effort, Sly Cooper and the Thievious Raccoonus.

sly-cooper-movieThe game was a platformer, with gameplay elements relying heavily on puzzle-solving and stealth missions. The story revolves around Sly, the latest in a long lineage of raccoon master thieves, and his turtle & hippo partners in crime as they take on the “Fiendish Five,” a network of thieves that purloined his family’s most treasured possession, the titular “Thievious Raccoonus,” and just so happened to murder Sly’s father in the process. Heavy stuff for a kid’s game.

The game was met with critical acclaim and launched a franchise, with multiple titles spanning two console generations. All this being thanks in large to equal parts clever & solid gameplay, an extremely well-written plot with not only fleshed-out characters, but a great blend of madcap hilarity & gritty seriousness, and an absolutely gorgeous retro noir art design that hinged upon a very polished (and new at the time) cel-shading technique that made it feel like a cartoon come to life. So now I suppose that Sucker Punch, along with Sony, Blockade, and Rainmaker Entertainment, feel that the only logical step from here is to bring their cartoon-come-to-life… well, to life.

Cute taking anthromorphic characters, wall-to-wall action, ridiculous humor>? This has all the makings of a true blue summer blockbuster.

Written by Patrick Renfrow

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