Santa Claus is Coming to Town December 1st… To Blow Sh*t Up!

Infinite Santa 8000: The Movie

Usually when Santa Claus rolls into town (yes, we still believe in Santa here at the clubhouse) it’s a good sign, signaling the arrival yuletide cheer and generous gifts we’ll probably get bored with or devour before January 1st – thus initiating the New Year cleanse.

In the hands of Michael Neel and Greg Ansin, however, the coming of the Claus means something a little different – something more along the lines of disembowelments, robotic genocide and… “crabmonkeys.” At least, that’s the kind of holly jolly insanity you can expect from their upcoming animated film Infinite Santa 8000: The Movie which will drop on VOD December 1st. Longtime club members might remember our coverage of the Infinite Santa 8000 web series a few years back. The movie picks back up the adventures of Santa and his robotic companion Martha as they battle the twisted Dr. Shackleton for the final time(?).

InfiniteSanta8000-2 InfiniteSanta8000-1 InfiniteSanta8000-3

Written by Rondal

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