Create Your Own ‘Monster Cereal’ Mascots 2013 Winners!


The following entires are the winners of our Create Your Own ‘Monster Cereal’ Mascot contest! Just like last year you guys went all out with some really clever and creative entries, making it even harder to choose just three winners. Our panel of judges, including Guest Judges Manny (Cartoon Lagoon Studios) and Matt (Dinosaur Dracula), reviewed and scored each submission based on three factors: Creativity of Cereal Name, Originality of Flavor and Overall Originality. Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who took the time to participate in this year’s event!

First Place Winner: Will Martinez!


Wendi-O’s by Will Martinez

Manny: Great drawing. A nice, lesser known, left of center, yet iconic monster. I’m guessing it would be like Frosted Cheerios with marshmallows?

Rondal: Definitely an unexpected addition to the Monster Cereal gang and a well realized concept. I could only see this being blueberry flavored (maybe vanilla frosted?) which makes me think BooBerry, but aside from that it’s awesome.

Matt: The mascot is divine, and the head-to-toe “frosty theme” delights me to no end. All that, and “toasted marshmallow feet” to boot? I’m desperate to eat this.

Tessa: Love it. It’s my favorite.

Second Place Winner: Jason Sharman!


Zombee Nut Crunch by Jason Sharman

Manny: The cereal sounds delicious. The name is catchy and maybe with a little reworking the character could fit in with the monsters. As it is it feels like a HONEY NUT CHEERIOS parody rather than a iconic monster homage. Maybe if it was a humanoid Zombie with a black and yellow striped shirt? A guy obviously killed by bees.

Rondal: I agree that it would have been fun to see a zombie/bee hive mutation of some sort, but even as a parody the concept is still funny. Almond flavored Monster Cereal would also be interesting.

Sean: Cheerios meets The Walking Dead. The crazed bee is awesome. Reminds me of the Topps Wacky Packages parody cards.

Third Place Winner: Daniel Goodroad!


Cinnamon Styx by Dan Goodroad

Manny: A Grim Reaper would fit in with the [Cereal Monster] gang and who doesn’t like Cinnamon? Maybe SINNAMON could be the Ferryman’s character name?

Rondal: Love the thought of spicing up the Monster Cereals with a non-fruity flavor and the name, Cinnamon Styx, is pretty clever. The character seems to be missing the personality that the other monsters have… if he were a bit more fleshed out this would have been my top pick.

Tessa: This one’s got a great name. The illustration is a little rough, but still really good at depicting what they wanted. They might have added more fun info on the box cover.

Honorable Mentions


Nosfruitatu by Zac Pensol

Sean: Great classic horror reference, I imagine the character sucking the blood-red milk up through his fangs.

Manny: A great idea but it’s more of a Wacky Pack than an addition to a line that has a vampire already.


Gill-Grahams by Jamie Lee Cortese

Matt: My heart would skip many thousand beats if this was a real thing. If I could bring any entry into a real world supermarket, this is it. The thought of turning milk into a “green lagoon” just put it over the top. Plus, making the whole thing watermelon-flavored just seemed oddly appropriate.

Manny: I really wanted to like GILL-GRAHAMS, as I think a FISH CREATURE would fit in well with the pre-existing Monsters Cereal gang and Watermelon could be tasty but the name didn’t help it cross the finish line. But yeah, I love the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON and keep hoping someone will crack this one.

Jacka Loops Cereal by Brian Power

Jacka Loops Cereal by Brian Power

Sean: This box has everything: cryptozoology, flannel, and a dodgy flavor description that admits to nothing. I would gladly dig through the blue dust in the bottom of the bag for a Jackalope minifigure.

JasonSharman-DrAppleMrLime JasonSharman-InvisiBillVanillaCrunch

Dr. Apple and Mr. Lime & Invisibill by Jason Sharman

Manny: Invisibill is compelling just by being a classic Universal Monster type and his punny name.

Matt: Jason’s several submissions are all so great, I’m sure he’s going to end up competing with himself. This is my favorite of his trio, with a perfect transition from a well-known horror character into something appropriate for a cereal box. Very General Mills-like! Even the advertised premium fits the theme! I could’ve taken the easy way out and listed all three of Jason’s submissions as my picks — they’re that good.

Other Entries


ZomNomNomBies by Zac Pensol


Madame Hagberry by Joshua Adams


Honey Dipped Warts by Paul Timmons


Crispy Corpses by Paul Timmons


Rock-A-Booly Crunch by Kyla Sutherland


Boney Bites by Joshua Adams


Baron Sammie by Joshua Adams


Scabby-Oli’s by Joey Souza

JacktheCerealKiller by James McNeese

Jack the Cereal Killer by James McNeese


Dr. Jekrunch and Mr. Bytes by Fernando Puig


6 Fruit Under by Daniel Goodroad


Stingy Jacks by Dan Goodroad


Baron Cinnamondi by Chris Bacon

Lovecraft Crunchies by Brian Power

Lovecraft Crunchies by Brian Power


Bone Bowl by Ben McDermott

Brain Grains by Anita Bhatia

Brain Grains by Anita Bhatia

Written by Rondal

Rondal is the Editor-in-Chief of Strange Kids Club and a creative instigator who tackles each day with Red Bull-induced enthusiasm and a mind for adventure. Rondal has written for other sites including Rue Morgue, Fuel Your Illustration and Bloodsprayer. His obsession with horror movies, 80s animation and action figures is considered unhealthy by medical professionals.

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