Gigantic ROTTEN REXX Vinyl Toy Rises from the Dead

Gigantic ROTTEN REXX Vinyl Toy Rises From The Dead

After two years since its inception, toy designer James Groman’s ROTTEN REXX is coming to 3-Dimensional (undead) life thanks to Lullubell Toys. Groman – who’s served as a designer on countless toy lines such as Madballs, Barnyard Commandos, My Pet Monster and more – first sculpted a 15″ prototype for Rexx way back in 2011 with the intent of releasing it as an “articulated collectors vinyl figure.”

With the initial sculpt completed, work progressed slowly until 2012 when Groman revealed the first look at a Rotten Rexx comic book revealing the origins of his zombified creation. Now the gargantuan piece that started it all is being made available for pre-order as a fully-articulated 12″ beast of a vinyl toy collectible. Upon launch there will be two versions, an unpainted gray and unpainted flesh, both of which will cost $125 (plus shipping)… not a bad deal considering how huge this undead dinosaur is or the insane level of detail!


rotten-rexx-vinyl-flesh rotten-rexx-vinyl-flesh3 rotten-rexx-vinyl-flesh2

Written by Rondal

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