Preview: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Preview: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
PUBLISHER: Warner Bros. Interactive
TT Games
PS3, PS4, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC
Single Player, Multiplayer

Yesterday the demo for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes made it’s way to consoles and I had the chance to give it a quick playthrough. Quick mostly due to the short length of the demo, but despite its briefness the demo quickly demonstrates just how insanely large the scale of the full game will be… which is to say LARGE.

With a roster that includes 155 different playable characters (including Stan Lee, Aunt May – even Howard the Duck!) there was no doubt that the game would be big. With an open world and the ability to create your own character with any combination of powers you want it’s hard to believe that they’d all feel like true characters. However, if the demo is any indication fans have absolutely nothing to worry about regarding their favorite Marvel superhero (or super-villain).


Taking on both Iron Man and the Hulk is as incredibly satisfying as you could hope…

The demo kicks off with a short scene featuring a silent Silver Surfer receiving orders from an unseen Galactus who, as usual, is hungry. Presumably this sets up the plot for the rest of the game but the demo doesn’t spend too much time on the details. Instead it cuts to Sandman and The Abomination tearing up downtown NYC looking for a “cosmic brick.” Iron Man and the Hulk show up as the first two playable characters and you’re tasked with stopping the troublesome duo. Taking on both Iron Man and the Hulk is as incredibly satisfying as you could hope with both retaining trademark abilities. Iron Man can fly, shoot lasers/missiles and use his unibeam while the rampaging Hulk can smash, slam, throw, execute his thunderous hand clap and in somewhat of a surprise – switch between Hulk and Bruce Banner.

lego-marvel-superheroes3You start out by learning the basics as you advance on The Abomination, culminating in a button-pressing minigame between Hulk and his evil counterpart. Once this is complete you progress towards Sandman who proves to be deceptively more pesky. After sifting your way through hordes of sand creatures you end up chasing Sandy downtown where he transforms from a molehill into a mountain of trouble, but not before running into Spider-Man who then joins you on your mission. And, just like Iron Man and the Hulk, all of Spidey’s abilities are present (shooting webs, web slinging, “spidey-sense”).

The demo ends once the three heroes defeat Sandman, a rather easy yet highly enjoyable task that demand each character’s unique skills to pull off. In fact, it’s really impressive how TT Games found a way to incorporate all three characters cooperatively during gameplay. No hero felt wasted or less fun to play; Iron Man was a blast because he can fly, Spider-Man was fun when web-slinging and the Hulk’s hand clap possesses a raw power that’s deeply satisfying. I cannot wait to see how some of the other characters turn out, especially Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Mr. Fantastic, MODOK, Squirrel Girl… there’s just so many!!


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will be available October 22 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita and PC. It will also ship for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime after their release.

Written by Rondal

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