On the Shelves: Home video releases for Oct 15, 2013

Some of the DVD/Blu-Ray releases this week.

Pacific Rim (2013) – This movie is all kinds of amazing.  Some of the story is weak, some of the acting is weak, but overall, this is a fun, action packed movie that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Giant robots fighting giant monsters. And Ron Pearlman.  Period.  End of story.  Go see it.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Seasons 1-5 (Collector’s Edition) – This cartoon was surprisingly popular. I’m a big Star Wars fan. I love the movies and I read a lot of the expanded universe, but I didn’t ever really get into this show. The few episodes I watched weren’t very good. The initial movie was terrible, and the show never really recovered for me. I hear it gets really good in the later seasons.  I’ll probably cherry pick a few episodes, specifically the ones with Darth Maul and Savage Opress.  But I don’t plan on ever watching much more than that.  Here’s the complete run of episodes in one collection.

Embrace of the Vampire (1995) – Alyssa Milano naked.  That is all.

Embrace of the Vampire (2013) – A current year remake of the above movie. No Alyssa Milano nudity.

Witchboard 2: Devil’s Doorway (1993) – Sequel to the original 1987 campy horror flick, Witchboard, about a demonically possessed Ouija board. This sequel stars Ami Dolenz who discovers the possessed Ouija board in her newly rented apartment.

Written by Paxton Holley

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