Sean Cunningham Says New FRIDAY THE 13TH Series in the Works

Friday the 13th: Crystal Lake Chronicles

So I don’t know if there’s something in the air, or if it’s just the spirit of Halloween creeping ever closer but another horror series was announced today. Friday the 13th: Crystal Lake Chronicles, according to an interview with Sean Cunningham over on FEARnet, is the name and it’s being developed not as a traditional TV series but rather something closer to Amazon’s or Netflix’s Originals. Cunningham couldn’t confirm exactly who would be airing the series just yet, though.

…there will also be Friday the 13th: Crystal Lake Chronicles, which is sort of a Smallville. We’ve been on-again off-again with that for years and there are a bunch of great stories to be told, but I think the way that it’s finally going to get delivered is not through a conventional television network, but through the Internet. I can’t tell you who the delivery people will be, but it won’t be the traditional route. There’s also the possibility of webisodes, and I think we even have an idea for a terrific Friday the 13th video game.

A video game?! That could be cool. At least we won’t have to worry about LJN getting their hands on it again. Cunningham also went on the say:

It’s also more than just me saying, “You know, Friday the 13th would be a great series!” We’ve got a couple of really good writers that have been working and writing. It can’t be just Jason killing someone new every week. That’s not going to make it.

Does that mean another series like Friday the 13th: The Series? I hope not. Whether it’s practical or not Jason is core to what makes the franchise for me. Hopefully they’ll find a way to work him in while keeping things fresh.

Happy Friday the 13th everybody!

Written by Rondal

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