First Look! TOPPS Leaks Details for 2014 Garbage Pail Kids Release

2K14S1_23In a surprise announcement yesterday TOPPS revealed their plans for a new Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 in 2014. This comes after a huge resurgence of the brand this year, with several (huge) new series released already – not to mention a calendar, collector’s binder, book and the return of Cheap Toys (minikins)! All we’re missing really is the formerly announced GPK movie, directed by PES (Adam Pesapane).

According to GEEPEEKAY, the 2014 series is massive with not only the standard ‘A’ and ‘C’ name variations but also a butt-load of “parallels” including Motion Cards, Etched Foil Medals, C Variations, Metallic Red, Full-Bleed Canvas, Blank Back, Cloth Stickers, Sepia, Die-Cut Sketch Cards, Texture Relics… stop the madness! It’s a ridiculously large (and awesome) assembly of collectible options, whether you’re just looking for the basic set or feel the need to have them all.

Also new in 2014, Series 1 will be themed after the Winter Olympics (it’s called ‘Olym-Picks’) which might just be a first for the franchise. We’ve included a few sneak peeks at the series below, but for a full listing and details on the release be sure to check out GEEPEEKAY.

2K14S1_6 2K14S1_15 2K14S1_3


Written by Rondal

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