Things Get Weird in Adult Swim’s ‘The Heart, She Hollers’ Season 2

Adult Swim’s ‘The Heart, She Hollers’ Season 2

Well, even weirder than they already were in Season 1. For those that might have missed this show back in 2011, The Heart, She Hollers is a surrealist comedy created by Vernon Chatman (Wonder Showzen), John Lee (Delocated) and Alyson Levy that stars Patton Oswalt as Hurlan Heartshe, mayor of a tiny backwards town called Heartshe Holler.

Doesn’t sound too weird yet? Just wait. You see, Hurlan was born and raised in a cave with no human contact… for 40 years. Then there’s the ghost of Hurlan’s father, “”Boss” Hoss, his psychotic sisters Hershe and Hambrosia and finally Meemaw, the scary-ass – and immortal – matriarch of the Heartshe family. All of whom, by the way, continuously plot ways to take over the town from Hurlan. It’s a batshit crazy blend of soap opera and bloody horror that would surely satisfy fans of David Cronenberg or David Lynch equally.

Finally, after a year hiatus, the show is returns September 11 at 12:30AM CST for Season 2 which promises even more bizarre humor, depravity and sick humor. I can’t wait!

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The Heart, She Holler, America’s most majestic nightmare, is back! In season two, the holiest holler in history becomes more than just a depraved town of sickening rednecks – it’s the cosmic battleground of mankind’s final war between Pure Evil and Pure Awful!

WATCH Boss Hoss Heartshe wrap his grand grip from the grave around the throats of the Heartshe siblings’ unsquashable lust for power! Manchild Hurlan is too dumb to fail, hussy Hurshe is too sleazy to slut her way to the top, and crazed Hambrosia may be too batspit bonkers to become a maniacal leader.

WITNESS raw uncooked emotion spew from your screen into your eyes and slide down your brain, landing in the broken toilet of our ruined society! FEEL the mysteriousness creep up behind you! LAUGH as you cry at your delightful demise! SCREAM till you die of televisual pleasureburns! Every single weeknight for the rest of your short, wonderful life!

Written by Rondal

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