Maxwell Atoms Announces Kickstarter for DEAD MEAT – Plus New Art!

Maxwell Atoms Announces Kickstarter For DEAD MEAT

dead-meat-posterWow – it’s been almost a year since we’ve had any really good news to share about Maxwell Atoms’ new personal project, DEAD MEAT. You might remember our first look at Dead Meat from last November. If not, Atoms (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy) has basically described the short as a “post-apocalyptic buddy/action/comedy flick about a guy (Heracles Heck) and his mutant dog (Dead Meat).” Oh yeah, then there’s some kind of zombie, battle priestess named Suzuki Jackson. Interested yet? I thought so…

That’s about all that the creator has revealed about the plot so far, but it seems we could get a lot more info real soon. Atoms has announced he’ll be doing a Kickstarter for it which should go live later this month. That means back rewards, sneak peeks and, after all is said and done, a completed Dead Meat short! As a fan of Billy & Mandy I can not tell you how much joy this brings me. On top of that, we get two new pieces of art. Dead Meat Roolz!


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