Coming Attractions: Nelvana’s DETENTIONAIRE Returns for Season 3 This September

Detentionaire Season 3

I can’t believe it has been 10 months, but it’s finally happening! I am in some kind of awesome sugar rush and girlish glee of fangasms, because Detentionaire will be airing its newest season this September 5 and that will ROCK!!!

If you remember last season Lee Ping had to pass multiple trails and discover some weird secrets under A. Nigma High while he was looking for evidence to clear his own name: He discovered a secret mind control experiments, hidden caves full of laboratories, mythical creatures, a conspiracy to replace school faculty, his own expulsion of the school and even a secret war between Principal General Barrage and Vice-Principal Victoria to protect or control the school respectively. In the end Lee managed to clean up his name, save the school from mind control, make some new friends and enemies, get closer to the love of his life and discover that there may be things even bigger and weirder than robots, Tazzlewurms, mind control and cyborgs lurking in the shadows.

So, what will be happening next? How can they possible make it more awesome? Well, we still need to know, who the ones behind the mind-control plan are. Who Barrage really is and what his part is in all this. What The Amazing Finwitch has to do with all this. What the secret behind Lee’s parents. Why Lee is so important to almost everyone with an evil machination. What the strange monoliths that are hidden underneath the school are… and so much more!

I bet that much of this will be answered in the upcoming season, meaning the stakes will be bigger, better, more action packed and mysterious. So stay tuned in!

Written by Borja Chavarri

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