Regular Show: Fright Pack DVD [Review]

Regular Show: Fright Pack DVD

RegularShowFrightPack_DVD_CoverArt_FLATSTUDIO: Cartoon Network
RELEASE DATE: September 3, 2013
RUN TIME: 176 Minutes
SPECIAL FEATURES: Villains Gallery

From the studio that brought you the Slack Pack and Party Pack comes… Regular Show: Fright Pack is the latest in a series of specialty DVD collections that stars J.G. Quintel’s zany pair of slackers, Mordecai and Rigby. For those not familiar with the series (what’s wrong with you?!) it’s a clever comedy full of nostalgic Easter Eggs, oddball characters and absurd adventures that take place at a park.

Much like previous “packs” this compilation cherry picks 12 spooky-themed episodes from the first four seasons along with two previously-aired Halloween specials (Terror Tales of the Park, Terror Tales of the Park II). Other episodes include “Dead at Eight,” “Jinx,” “Grave Sights,” “Ello Gov’nor,” “Death Bear” “Skunked,” “See You There,” “Meat Your Maker,” “The Best VHS in the World,” “Dizzy,” “Last Meal” and “Skips’ Stress.”

Unfortunately, not all of these episodes put you in the Halloween spirit but they’re all still funny and feature at least some horror element (zombies, ghosts, monsters – oh my!). The highlights naturally include the two-part “Terror Tales of the Park” and it’s direct sequel, but there’s also “Grave Sights” which amazingly pays homage to Suspiria, Evil Dead AND Army of Darkness. Beyond that, there’s a few other horror references like Candyman and then some really odd choices like “Meat Your Maker” and “Last Meal” which really don’t seem to fit the theme aside from featuring weird creatures and/or Death.


There’s also no real special features to speak of aside from a static Villains Gallery which is basically a slideshow of just a few of the monsters from the episodes included here. It’s to be expected from an individual release like this, but it still would’ve been nice if there were short clips, outtakes or a featurette to complement the spook-filled selections. Even a pumpkin carving stencil would’ve been cool.

All of that aside, Regular Show is still one of the funniest shows in Cartoon Network’s line-up that’s genuinely entertaining for kids while crammed full of references for adult fans. Regular Show: Fright Pack offers enough to keep die hard fans satisfied until Seasons 3 & 4 are released, and makes a decent addition to your Halloween playlist, but overall the collection itself is a bit underwhelming. Either way, whether you decide to snag the DVD or just download the complete seasons from iTunes you’re sure to enjoy the show!



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  • They definitely have some of the best Halloween specials!