NOT SO SUPER Proves It Takes More Than Powers to Make You Super [Review]

Not So Super #1 Review

Not So Super #1 [Review]WRITTEN BY: Jacques Nyemb
ART/COVER BY: Joe Hunter
PUBLISHER: Self-Published

Right from the beginning it’s easy to tell that NOT SO SUPER, by Jacques Nyemb and artist Joe Hunter, is the product of both real life experiences and comic book fantasy. It begins by introducing us to Dan, an overworked (and underpaid) IT Technician who works for the ominous Techyon Corporation. His co-workers are pesky, he can’t stand his job and his off hours are filled with nothing but Sesame Chicken combos, “Spazzler” energy drinks and late nights on the computer.

Yep, Dan’s just a regular ‘ole dude with regular ‘ole problems… that is, until he starts to transform from puny Peter Parker to super-powered Spider-Man. It all starts with a minor stomach ache that keeps him up late (what the hell was in that Sesame Chicekn?!), but by the end of this first issue Dan has full blown X-Ray vision and we’re lead to believe that’s not the end of it. “The list of powers grows and Daniel never knows when they appear or disappear,” says Nyemb. “None of the powers are particularly helpful to him and they find ways to inconvenience him at every turn [until] we see his life spiral into shear chaos.”

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It’s an interesting concept, super powers that don’t actually make you “super” – or at the very least question what “super” really is. It sort of reminds me of DC Comics’ Resurrection Man only Dan doesn’t have to die… and his powers are practically useless. It’s a combination ripe for action, intrigue and comedy and I can’t wait to see where Nyemb and Hunter take the story next.

If you’re interested, Not So Super is entirely self-published and available for only $1 (order here) – though you can donate more if you’d like.


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