New Screenshots Reveal Anarchy is Coming to BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS

New Screenshots Reveal Anarchy Is Coming To BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS

We were just talking about new villains appearing in October’s Batman: Arkham Origins the other day with the announcement of Firefly and now it appears that WB Games Montréal isn’t quite done yet. A load of new screenshots appeared today that no only offer a better look at Firefly, but also Anarky and the possibility of The Mad Hatter or, possibly, The White Rabbit.

Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of Anarky in either the comics or the cartoons though the concept has always intrigued me. At this point there’s no background on who Anarky is or what is motivations might be as an assassin, but either way this version actually looks pretty cool. As for the potential inclusion of either The Mad Hatter or The White Rabbit, either would be an interesting choice, but I’m far more curious what they’d do with White Rabbit whose powers include being able to split into two different people.

New Screenshots Reveal Anarchy Is Coming To BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS

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Source: Comics Alliance

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