Cursed Piggie Reapers and Sammich Monsters in ‘Lenore: Purple Nurples’ [Review]

‘Lenore: Purple Nurples’ Book Review

Lenore: Purple Nurples Book ReviewART BY: Roman Dirge
COVER BY: Roman Dirge
PUBLISHER: Titan Books
RELEASE DATE: August 27, 2013

Almost one year ago to the day Titan Books brought us Roman Dirge’s horrifyingly funny vision of one undead little girl and her macabre cast of friends in an impressive hardcover format (Lenore: Swirlies). As the latest book in the series, Lenore: Purple Nurples collects issues #4-7 of the original series (Vol. 2) and with it all the disturbing charm and sinister wit that of previous releases.

As if there was any question regarding the title’s intention to simultaneously incite horrible nightmares and spontaneous fits of fart laughter (you know, when you laugh so hard you fart… that just me?), the book kicks things off with two chapters featuring “The Creepig.” A malevolent entity bent of butchering anyone who excessive pork consumption after midnight, The Creepig can’t be stopped… or reasoned with… or killed. In fact, the resolution that Dirge does come up with is actually pretty clever. I won’t spoil it here, suffice to say he wraps up the story without breaking the rules.

LENORE#4_00_CVR_1.indd LENORE#4_00_CVR_1.indd

The other two stories in this book are somewhat less interesting, but still entertaining. The Dweller in the Fridge finds Lenore battling a fridge monster in a quest to make herself a birfday sammich while Ragamuffin and Pooty get lost in the house’s seemingly infinite number of rooms trying to track down a dead clown. The final story, King for a Day, fleshes out an interesting reveal about Taxidermy (hint: he might have been a serial killer named The Orphanage) while Lenore and her cronies travel through Hell to help her new “bug friend” experience all that life has to offer… in one day.

Altogether Lenore: Purple Nurples is another great addition to the Roman Dirge library and reaffirms why I’ve become such a fan of the man’s work.


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