Fan Art Friday: Custom Action Figures Based on Retro Video Games

Retro Horror Video Game Action Figures

With NECA’s unveiling of their limited edition Jason Voorhees figure made exclusively for SDCC this year, I’ve been seeing quite a few custom figures popping up with the same theme. Based on the Friday the 13th NES video game, NECA’s figure is a bad-ass glow in the dark spectacle that has already become a hot item for toy collectors.

In that same vein, Freddy in Space recently posted their take on a few “would be” figures based on vintage horror games. Likewise custom toy maker John Mallamas recently shared a few of his pieces, based on the Alien vs Predator arcade game from 1994. The one that would really complete this nostalgic set for me would be a neon green turd of a toy E.T. based on the abomination of an Atari game… so I created one. You’re welcome.


avp-alien-boss avp-dutch avp-linn

Artwork by John Mallamas


halloween-retro-toy leatherface-retro-toy retro-game-horror-toys2

Artwork by Frank Browning


Artwork by yours truly

Written by Rondal

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