Monday Morning Videomania #47

Monday Morning Videomania #47

EDITOR’S NOTE: Last week was Geek Week on YouTube, which means lots of cool new videos to check out, and while I won’t be sharing them all today I’d definitely recommend visiting the link above to see what you missed.

Afterlife with Archie – Promo

I’ve honestly never been an Archie fan. The original comics and cartoon series was was before my time and any effort to revive the franchise always seems so… wholesome. Which is why I was shocked when I saw this gruesome “non-all-ages” take on the cast of Riverdale. I still don’t know much about the new book yet, but apparently it’s an ongoing series which might mean I’ll be changing my tune come October!

Thanks to Brian Typhair for calling this one out to us.

Doctor Puppet Episode 4 – Smoke and Mirrors

**VIDEO OF THE WEEK** As many of you know, puppets are a surefire way to get my attention. Add in the fact that it’s a puppet version of Doctor Who and you’ve got me hooked. The fact that the execution of said puppet/doctor combination is entertaining only means that I’ll be tuning in more than once! I’d definitely recommend checking out the series from the beginning.

Adventure Time LEGO Main Title

As the shortest video this week, there’s not a whole lot to see or say about this one but it was too cool not to share. What I’d really like to see, now that we’ve finally gotten a Back to the Future lego set, is a Land of Ooo LEGO set!

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