‘Legend of Korra’ Season 2 Set to Debut this September – Preview

‘Legend Of Korra’ Season 2

legend-korra-se2-promoOh my glorious God, after what seemed like decades in fan years we finally get confirmation on Season 2 of one of the best cartoons of our generation! The Legend of Korra finally is giving us more episodes! (Insert girlish scream of glee here).

For Comic-Con 2013 a new trailer was released announcing that in September of this year we will see Korra alongside Mako, Bolin, Asami, Tenzin and all the characters in what looks like a gorgeously designed immersion to the rarely visited, yet strongly respected, spirit world. We will learn the story of the first Avatar with animation that has become stellar in both style and design with beauty and strength that surpasses the already astonishing design of Aang’s adventure and, as it may be implied, we will see more of the mature topics that had made the series an evolution from its predecessor.

I have so much hope for Season 2, not only because is a series I love and it has a whole new adventure in it, but also because it still has to answer so much about the first season that it will be crazy. We may see Korra traveling to a world previously banned to her due to her lack of spiritual connection while at the same time she may have to face the fact that Asami may not be as friendly to her after all her world collapsed in part thanks to Korra, also Bolin who still seems quite jealous about the fact that his brother ended up getting the girl despite all his hard work and Mako himself dealing with his new and old girlfriend at the same time.

Top that with meeting more of Korra’s and Katara’s families to widen the cast in both comedy and tension, and hopefully, if we are lucky, Zuko is still kicking as Fire Lord but has become as laid back as his late uncle, and we will have a one of the best follow-up seasons ever!

Avatar: The Legend Of Korra, Season 2 has all my thumbs up so far and I hope it lives up to the huge legacy behind it and all the potential it had opened.

Written by Borja Chavarri

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