Prepare to Enter the METRODOME! One-Shot Comic Review

Metrodome Comic Review

Metrodome-comic-pg1PUBLISHER: Self-published
FORMAT: One-Shot

THE GOOD: Interesting concept, Creative character design, Angry nipples
THE BAD: A little too short, uneven artwork

Much like Thunderdome (Mad Max), the rules of Craig Collins and Ian Laurie’s METRODOME are simple: eight deranged villains enter; only one makes it out alive. These aren’t your typical gang of bad guys, though, as Collins take care to point in the introduction. These are “bizarre and monstrous [fuckers]” conjured up through a mix of random word association and pure artistic freedom. The result of this experimental collaboration are characters like Leaking Anger; whose angry nipples bleed profusely, Sparkling Tumor; a living brain tumor, and Sewer Vision; whose powers include “overwhelming turd-torrents.” – all created by combining words from a Metro newspaper (thus the title Metrodome).

There’s a quick rundown of each combatant before the issue dives right into the fighting. The narrative even pokes fun at itself when one character, Sparkling Tumor, tries to find a purpose to their situation, only to be eviscerated seconds later. What follows is 10 pages of carnage and bloodshed as characters are crushed by turds, beheaded, stabbed and blown to Hell. The artwork is on par for Laurie, whose other work includes Roachwell and Horror Mountain, even if the panel work tends to be a little uneven in spots.

explosive-ghost leaking-anger sparkling-tumor

Overall it’s an interesting concept, though I wish it played out over the course of a few issues instead to more fully flesh out each personality. However, if you’re looking for a quick fix of weird or ever dreamed of seeing someone crushed by a living embodiment of human feces then this one’s definitely for you.

Written by Rondal

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