Monday Morning Videomania #41: Slime Busters, Exploding Heads, E.T. Owns a Bank

Monday Morning Videomania #41

Mario – Slime Busters

First off, thanks to Paul Arnold for the tip on this forgotten live action segment (Slime Busters) from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show starring Ernie Hudson. Obviously a cheap spoof on Ghostbusters, the skit still brings back some awesome memories of the show and its great getting to see Hudson getting some recognition for his role in the franchise. Too bad it was just a guest spot… could you imagine what a real Super Mario Bros x Ghostbusters mashup would be like?

Exploding Actresses 03 – Disney Princesses

Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney movies. I also love Scanners. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to reconcile the two… until now. Thankfully it would seem that Italian videomaker Simone Rovellini has done the work for me, creating an entirely new meme in the process: Exploding Actresses. Among which no real life or animated actress (or actor) is safe. Glob bless you Mr. Rovellini.


**VIDEO OF THE WEEK** What happens when you take the disembodied voices of funny people and combine them with equally funny animators? I’ll tell you what happens… ANiMASHUPS happen. As the name would imply, ANiMASHUPS is a combination of hilarious podcast snippets and “fresh, experimental animation” and is hosted by The Adam Carolla Show’s new YouTube channel, VPN (Video Podcast Network). With 17 episodes total so far, some of them can be a hit or a miss. Chris Hardwick talking about E.T. as a bank manager and Superman’s schlong with animation by Mukpuddy? Definitely a hit.

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