Fan Art Friday: Say Hello to Darren Rawlings’ ‘Little Friends’

Darren Rawlings’ Little Friends

Even though Darren Rawling‘s (aka Rawls) art series, LITTLE FRIENDS, wrapped up last month it was only recently that I stumbled upon it. Technically a follow-up to a previous art series, Little Friends is the ultimate Marvel/DC crossover that features a wide variety of characters from both publishers playing nice.

The more I do these, the more amazing similarities between Marvel and DC characters I find. Some more than others obviously, but in one way or another, its either their design, their powers, or their back story that have a striking resemblance.


little-friends-rawls-5 little-friends-rawls-4 little-friends-rawls-9 little-friends-rawls-3 little-friends-rawls-2 little-friends-rawls-1 little-friends-rawls-8 little-friends-rawls-7 little-friends-rawls-6

Written by Rondal

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