Cartoon Network Urges You to ‘Beware the Batman’ – New Trailer and Images

Beware the Batman

Despite both DC and Cartoon Network taking a few risks with the forthcoming new Batman cartoon, Beware the Batman, I’m not entirely convinced I’m going to like it. Granted, showcasing some newer (and lesser known) villains like Professor Pyg, Mr. Toad, Metamorpho and a redesigned Anarky is a cool move. Each of these fresh faces will hopfully bring a new dynamic to a series whose lead character has now been featured in well over 20 series.

However, there are then seemingly bizarre choices like making Katana his sidekick (pupil, ward, whatever) or turning Alfred into a grimace-faced, barrel-chested super spy. Then there’s the odd bandwagon that DC has jumped on of making everything CGI, like Green Lantern TAS. We all saw how well that worked out…

What do you think, are you excited about this show? Leave a comment below and let us know.

beware-batman-1 beware-batman-2 beware-batman-3

Beware the Batman will makes its debut on Saturday, July 13 at 10am on ET/PT Cartoon Network.

Written by Rondal

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  • Jeremy [Retro]

    Awesome… i have a connection with this somehow, I am looking into if my connection will acknowledge it 🙂

    • What kind of connection Jeremy? You mean you know someone who works on the show?

  • Andrew

    The last Batman show I watched and enjoyed was “The Batman” mostly because it was more horror themed than Batman shows tend to be and that’s always the angle I enjoy in Batman stories, the crime stuff is fun but they never do enough detective work in those. For some reason when they go full on horror, they also tend to focus on Bats’ detective skills.