Weird World of Webcomics: King of the Unknown

King of the Unknown webcomic

kotu-panelThere are many myths and urban legends surrounding Elvis Presley – everything from alien abduction to working as an undercover DEA agent. Perhaps one of the funniest I’ve come across in recent memory just happens to be the premise of a webcomic called KING OF THE UNKNOWN.


Created by Marcus Muller, a one man shop (writer, penciller, inker, colorist), King of the Unknown is ample parts supernatural adventure and action comedy which finds “The King” very much alive and kicking as a paranormal investigator. Imagine, if you will, Hellboy – only replace a chiseled demon with a stone hand for an overweight rock icon with a peanut butter/banana sandwich. Toss in a cast of equally “mythical” creatures (Masters of the Unknown) and you’ve got a recipe for fun… and badassery.


Each story arc (technically there’s only one thus far) is gleefully broken up into its own “feature” – complete with a movie poster/title card – and features an animated style of art that lends itself well to the campy plots and eccentric characters (like Vinny, da Vinci’s soul trapped in a robot). The first arc, “I’d Lose My Head Without You” finds (clearly dysfunctional, yet effective) The King on assignment with FBI Agent Connor as they hunt down a unique version of the Headless Horseman. Bodily fluids and lurid sexual acts abound.



The first arc is still underway, but you can start from the beginning at the official King of the Unknown website. You can also learn more about the creator over at the Marcus Muller blog.

Written by Rondal

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