On the Shelves: DVD Releases for June 4, 2013

Some of the DVD/Blu-Ray releases this week.

A Good Day to Die Hard – I love the first three Die Hard movies. LOVE them. I sort of enjoy the fourth one, but it doesn’t really feel like a Die Hard movie to me. I have little to no interest in watching this fifth installment. It doesn’t help that even one of my friends who’s a “die hard” Bruce Willis fan (pun intended) didn’t really rave about this movie.

Warm Bodies – I’m honestly not the biggest “zombie” fan out there. I just don’t love that particular monster. But this movie looks pretty interesting. I like when filmmakers sort of play with expectations in zombie movies like in the movie Zombieland. I plan on giving this a shot.  Plus, my wife actually thought it looked good and I have to jump on that train whenever I can get it.

Mad Max Trilogy Blu-Ray Collection – Geek confession. I’ve never watched the Mad Max movies. I’ve seen maybe 20 minutes of the third one, but none of the other two.  However, that should be rectified this summer on a special crossover episode of the Nerd Lunch and Cult Film Club podcasts.  Stay tuned.  That being said, this still looks like a nice bundling of the trilogy.

The Shadow – I f**king love this movie. A lot of people have a lot of problems with it, but I think the main problem is expectations. This movie came out all up in the middle of the Burton Batman movies hype. This movie is not a Burton Batman movie despite it actually looking like a Burton Batman movie.  This movie is an homage and somewhat of a send up of old 40s radio/TV shows.  That 40s aesthetic is all over the movie.  It’s even in the cheesy dialogue.  I will go to my grave defending this movie.  Give it a second chance and don’t watch it as a Burton Batman movie.  If you do want to watch it as a Batman movie, imagine it as a send up of the old Batman serials from the 40s.  THEN it works.

Daniel Craig 007 Blu-Ray Collection – I am definitely eyeballing this to buy. I haven’t bought any of Craig’s Bond movies mostly out of laziness than not wanting to own them. This is the perfect opportunity to get them all in one fell swoop. And on Blu-Ray for about $11 each. Not bad, I say.

Universal Monsters Collection – Several of Universal’s Monster series are being released separately on Blu-Ray. They were originally only available in a big Classic Monsters Essential Collection.  If you like horror, you owe it to yourself to not only watch but own these movies.  They are amazing.  Hopefully a similar giant collection of Hammer Studio’s classics on Blu-Ray will be in our future.

Written by Paxton Holley

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