Monday Morning Videomania #38: Coquino, ADHD’s 8-Bit Tribute, Pokemon Noir

Monday Morning Videomania 38


Joaquín Salvador Lavado (Mafalda) a.k.a. Quino is for Latin America what Sergio Aragonés (Groo) and Antonio Prohías (Spy vs Spy) have been for the USA. In Coquino animator Jeff Le Bars and sound designer Sylvain Livenais pay tribute to this great cartoonist with an amazing animated short that includes a touch of human life, comedy and absurdity – all of which have been the signature in Quino’s life work.

ADHD – Remember Me

**VIDEO OF THE WEEK** Team ADHD brings us another great video, this time an 8-bit tribute to those of us who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s (“before it all went wrong”). See how memories fly while they take us through a nostalgia time warp and tell us that despite our bodies having grown older, our spirits don’t have to. If this video doesn’t move you then consider yourself dehumanized.

Pokémon Mystery Metro

Re-inventing things can be tricky, especially when that “thing” is a well rooted franchise called Pokémon. Youtuber NoobPubby makes a short video that, despite having no official story, settles in a noir atmosphere with “pocket monsters” as the protagonists of what could very well be a great new direction for the franchise.

Written by Borja Chavarri

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