‘What Makes You A Strange Kid?’ #12 Featuring Brandon Blevins

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bdone-2What makes me a strange kid? TOO MUCH! I have always been a kid and I’ve yet to grow up. My name is Brandon but I go by B.Done (pronounced “be done”) to many people. I am now an artist and a hip-hop rapper who just hasn’t gotten out of the phase and is now a “Big Kid.”

My father gave me my first comic book when I was 7 (Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine Issue #105 which I still own THEE exact issue of today and it’s seen better days too haha) but I never let go of this feeling since then [and have been] collecting every issue of Wolverine and all the statues and toys I could. It’s been tough since he is the most well-know/produced character out there, but I also kept a lot of my childhood toys such as; Star Wars, Battle Beats, Mighty Max, Micromachines, Transformers, etc. I still find myself collecting to this day and it’s hard to let go.

And as an emcee, I even write about such instances of my childhood. On my recent 6th Album, B.Done X SpaceGhost, I wrote a track about not growing up called “FlashBack” (check it out right now on SoundCloud) and as an artist I even have a trademark style of creatures I create that have become my identity. These Creative Creatures show just how “childish” I still am.

I’m a Strange Kid now and FOREVER!

bdone-1 bdone-3 bdone-logo

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Written by Rondal

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