Monday Morning Videomania #37: Gun-toting Dogs, Gangsta Pac-Man, Mak’s Parasite

Mak's Parasite

[Editor’s Note: In lieu of yesterday being a holiday, and that I was still recovering from this past weekend’s Comicpalooza event, I hope you’ll forgive this week’s Monday Morning Videomania being a little late. Things have, admittedly, been a bit slow here as of late, but I hope to change that very soon!]

The Last Cat on Earth – Music Video

Directed by Jimmy Wong, this music video for Swiss American Federation’s “Don’t Let Go” is one cat meme I don’t mind. It helps that Wong and his crew are also responsible for videos like Old School vs. New School and Balls of Steel (The Ultimate Nutshot), among others. When it comes right down to it, The Last Cat of Earth is a nod to not only The Last Man on Earth, but there’s shades of They Live as well… plus, it’s got dogs with machine guns!

Goodnight Sweet Pakman

There’s been a lot of fun interpretations of Pac-Man over the years, but none quite as unique as this one. Directed by Christopher Weller for the Machinima Interactive Film Festival, Goodnight Sweet Pakman sees the typically rotund protagonist transformed into a highly stylized G-man with some seriously creepy, and well armed, foes. Imagine Grand Theft Auto guest-starring the characters from Pac-Man. Oh yeah!

Mak’s Parasite (NSFW)

**VIDEO OF THE WEEK** Finally, we’ve got Ian Miller‘s feverish short, Mak’s Parasite, which takes me back to the 90s-era Liquid Television. With an animation style that recalls an early Mike Judge (Beavis and Butt-Head) or Danny Antonucci (Ed, Edd n’ Eddy), this short, which finds a junkie battling both his addiction and a parasite, is deliriously awesome.

Written by Rondal

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