Mutagen Man Returns in Nick’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series!

New Mutagen Man - TMNT

Mutagen ManSomeone working on the Nickelodeon’s new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series is a fan of Mutagen Man and… well, glob bless them. As you may or may not know, the lesser known TMNT mutant reject happens to be one of my all-time favorite of the classic cartoon series and so it filled my strange kid heart with nerdy glee to see the character brought back to life for the new series this past Saturday in the episode “Pulverizer Returns.”

For those who have yet to delve back into the original 1987 series, Mutagen Man was mailman (Seymour Gutz, get it?) who inadvertently fell into a vat of mutagen that left him little more than a nervous system covered in goo. It was a Troma-esque level of gross and I loved it! The episode saw Seymour manipulated by the Shredder but ultimately restored to human form. Better infact, Seymour turned himself into a more “handsome” gent… it was an odd one to say the least. Regardless, the Mutagen Man toy that followed really sold me on the character – even grosser than the cartoon it was nothing but guts, an exoskeleton and tons of goo! What more could a kid ask for?

Timothy - Mutagen ManIn my initial review of the pilot, Rise of the Turtles, last September I pointed out one of many Easter Eggs (a Mutagen Man cameo on the cover of Ralph’s From the Sewer comic). Now it would seem a new “mutagen man” has been introduced in the form of an overzealous TMNT fan named Timothy (aka The Pulverzier) whose dreamt of becoming just like the Turtles. Instead, his dim-witted enthusiasm has transformed him into “a living pile of guts and organs.” Wherever they take him from here I’m all in – can’t wait for the action figure!


Written by Rondal

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  • Eric

    Great article. I remember your Rise of the Turtles Review (which was also great) and I was wondering if you were still following the series.

    Glad you are, cause this New TMNT Freakin ROCKS! 🙂
    Mutagen Man had an awesome introduction btw.

    • Thanks Eric!

      Yeah, I was on the fence about the series for a few episodes, but it continues to improve and now that Shredder, the Kraang and the Turtles are about to collide I only expect things to get even better. Plus… MUTAGEN MAN! 😀

  • John Hageman

    I just got caught up on all my TMNT episodes. The new series is REALLY well done. So good

  • Kev D.

    Mutagen Man was THE BEST toy I owned growing up. His arms and legs came off. So when the turtles would beat him up, during the epic battles of my imagination, played out on the floor of my bedroom, inevitably his limbs would fly everywhere.

  • jamie

    Did you notice the original Mutagen Man on the cove of Mikey’s comic book earlier in the episode?

    • Rondal

      I must’ve missed it in this episode, but I remember it being in the pilot episode. Wicked awesome!