Weird World of Webcomics: ‘Ultra Minion’

Ultra Minion webcomic

This edition of the Weird World of Webcomics goes international with a reader submission called Ultra Minion. A “silent epic post-apocalyptic brutal fairy tale,” Ultra Minion comes from the minds of Łukasz Kowalczuk (writer) and Maciek Czapiewski (art).


Page 10A relatively new series, there’s much more to the story that’s yet to be revealed, but we do know that it is set in the “future” and finds a race of creatures (minons) enslaved by an evil Overlord and his mad scientist. When one particular minion becomes the next subject of the scientist’s experiments, he is transformed into the “ultra minion” (think Hulk meets Captain America). Breaking free of his shackles, the Ultra Minion goes on a rampage and inspires his fellow creatures to rise up from their imprisonment.


Being a silent comic, the writing and artwork in Ultra Minion come to rely on each other even moreso than in normal comics. In this regard Kowalczuk and Czapiewski seem to succeed, with a unique art style and story-telling ability that brings to mind a manga while somehow being entirely their own. Specifically the level of detail and clarity in each panel are pretty remarkable and, according to it’s co-creator, intentional. “[This] comic is devoid of dialogue for several reasons. We want to make a career in the West… [so we made] it silent, so anyone should understand. And quite seriously, it’s a challenge for us,” says Kowalczuk.

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You can join the revolution at and if you’d like to learn more about the creators you can find Łukasz Kowalczuk online at and Maciek Czapiewski at

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