The Top 5: Mysterious Mysteries of Disney’s Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls Top Mysterious Mysteries

gravity-falls-decodedConspiracy theorists have set the web on fire with theories about Gravity Falls, Disney’s latest animated series about a twin brother and sister who go to stay with their uncle in his tourist trap “The Mystery Shack” for the summer. There they discover that the seemingly boring town of Gravity Falls houses numerous secrets based around the supernatural, the occult, and otherworldly. The series has thankfully become a welcomed hit, and that’s good news since its set up a series of mysteries and hidden messages within every episode of the show for fans to decode and decipher.

Some have proclaimed the show a subtle form of Disney advertising their alliance with organizations like the Illuminati, but in reality, the show is a rare dabbling in the horror and science fiction genre for the network that just happens to have a good time giving fans hidden messages to tinker with when the show is over. That said, Disney does have a long history of subliminal messages – just take their proclivity for including mouse-shaped clouds in most of their films or their infamous SFX dust cloud in The Lion King. So, for the fun of it here are five mysteries of Gravity Falls that are leaving us scratching our heads.

Symbols, Symbols, and symbols!

gf2There are many symbols hidden within the seams of Gravity Falls. Disney is famous for implanting hidden messages in most of their animated and live action films, and it would seem they continue to revel in subliminal imagery and Easter Eggs. For Gravity Falls, though, the symbolism and easter eggs are much more menacing and intriguing.

Those who look closely will notice that even the characters have their own symbols. Dipper is represented by a tree, Mabel is stars, Soos is a question mark, and Grunkle Stan is a half moon. If you look in the opening credits, there’s a page in the book with their symbols in a circle. Hints to their role in the ultimate plan? Plus, there are many more symbols to watch for – Mabel is fond of wearing shirts that garner odd imagery. In one episode, she wears a night gown with a floppy disk on it. A Floppy Disk? What does that represent, if anything? I wonder…

Triangle Man?

gf3If you catch it in time, the opening credits reveals a page of the book and alchemy symbols, as well as symbols obviously representing the characters of the show – but who is the Triangle Man in the center of this world? What does the top hat and bow tie represent? Is the Triangle Man a person or an entire committee? Is Grunkle Stan the actual villain of the series? Is Wendy really just a minimum wage working teenage girl? And why doesn’t she ever stumble on the supernatural, while Dipper and Mabel walk in to them time and time again?

The Goat

gf4Every time something odd happens in the episodes, the lone goat is shown outside the Mystery Shack eating or lurking around innocently. The goat with its beady eyes and one and a half horn seems innocuous, but there’s a lot more to the goat than the series may be letting on. Conspiracy theorists on the net are insisting it’s subtle satanic imagery, but I think it’s going to be included in an important episode, soon. Perhaps it may help hold the key to what the Mystery Shack is. It surely isn’t just some store.

The Time Traveler

gf5Before the episode “The Time Traveler’s Pig” revealed the secret, if you carefully analyze every episode prior, you can spot the mysterious bald time traveler Blendin Blandin in key scenes, hidden among crowds or environment. He’s very easy to miss, but he’s always there. In “The Time Traveler’s Pig” it’s revealed he’s a time traveler who loses his time machine to Dipper and Mabel. The pair go back and forth in time creating paradoxes, and Blendin is sentenced to prison and is forced to go back and correct the holes left by the brother and sister. Hence why he is visible in every episode before “The Time Traveler’s Pig.” He’s fixing what they ruined. Who knows how severe Dipper and Mabel’s paradoxes were and how they decided the future of Gravity Falls.

Mystery Shack/Grunkle Stan

stanWe’re learning over the course of Gravity Falls that the Mystery Shack is not just some run down tourist trap in the town. There are many hidden elements to the shack that reveal it is much larger and complex than anyone realizes. Over the course of two seasons, two big rooms have been discovered behind wallpaper and in corners setting the stage for wax figures that take on a life of their own, and a carpet that can cause objects to switch personas thanks to static electricity. Who knows what other rooms are within the Mystery Shack? I imagine it’s like the Tardis. Small on the outside, but humongous when you begin peeling back its layers.

How about you, what mysteries have you uncovered from the show? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Written by Felix Vasquez Jr.

Felix Vasquez Jr. is a pop culture and movie fanatic born and bred. He's a lover of all things horror, admires Superman, loves to listen to classic rock, drowns himself in nineties nostalgia on his free time, and has been writing for almost twenty years. His writing can be found on various online outlets including Crave, Joblo, and Beyond Hollywood; He's also currently running his own movie review website, Cinema Crazed.

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  • LaDracul

    There is the fact you may have overlooked that the Pines twins are in possession of the third and final journal. Gideon aka chibi Shirley Ghostman is in possession of the second…who’s in possession of the first?

    My guess it could be Mabel’s rival Pacifica Northwest, whose family is prominent. I and many others feel she’s too much of an overused cliche and she doesn’t show up much, but it would make a LOT of sense if her family was in possession of the first journal.

    • marko

      Stan has the first journal

      • lena

        no, old man g does

        • Maria

          Stan has it. I just watched the episode.

          • hotdog


    • Chucksteria

      Grunkle Stan has the First book hidden.

  • austin

    on the triangle dude if you take away the bowtie, hat, arms, and legs he”s on the dollar bill

    • obvious captain doucebag

      its the illuminati symbol. this show is linked to the illuminati 😛

      • sara

        I wonder if all Disney actors are Illuminati…. Hmmmmm… Go and see what was going on when we were kids and watched sweet nice puffy Disney series… It’s shown on the logo.

  • FreeKill

    in my opinion Stan have the first journal.

  • Sldghmr

    Guys, BIG NEWS! so, in the theme song, the whispering says in the first few episodes three letters back, in the newer ones it says 26 letters, use those on the weird codes at the end of the credits, another thing, when Mabel is in Smile Dip Land, the dog that says gibberish, backwards it says, MUST DISTRUST GRUNKLE and on bottomless pit, it says El Diablo which means the devil in english

  • Dameon

    i saw the last episode… now…
    STAN NOW HAS ALL THREE BOOKS!!! he got 2 from gideon, 3 from dipper, and HE HAS BOOK 1!!! 😀 also, gideon sumoned the triangle man!

    • sara

      Please open your eyes, dude… THE TRIANGLE MAN?!…
      That’s Satan. Which isn’t even in disguise!

  • Dameon

    and the flopy disk resembles memory… stan’s memory… the secret room behind the snack vendor contains an elevator. it leads to the room were stan has book 1. and now w/ all 3… there is a big machine. what does it do? time? dimension? mabey a device to give the powers of all the supernatural…

  • unknown

    In episode “dreamscaperers” near the end when “bill” goes crazy turns red and huge his eyes turn to what sort of look like hyroglifics, or Maybe it was just another language, but it reflected off his eyes onto their bodies? Then it turns back to looking like the all seeing eye. I don’t really understand but that show crazy and creeps me out, but it’s interesting to watch, and read about it. Why a kids’ show, are they trying to brainwash kids now? And what is up with that pig, is it just a pig or what?

    • Bob

      Those hyroglyphics appear in many episodes, INCLUDING the latest. They’re hidden all over Stan’s top secret super-computer room!!!!!

  • hotdog


  • Sanggameboy

    Acturally. Old man G had the first journal. But somehow, Grunkle Stan took it from him.
    And I think Old man G is the one who wrote the books.

  • Ari Hanamaru

    For those who have seen “Gidians Rise” at the end when stan has all three books, have you noticed that there was half circles or incomplete circles? So i was thinking, what if there was more then three books? Maybe dipper and mabble will have to find them all. That is just my thoughts.

  • CharmVelisse

    I haven’t watched gravity falls lately so I’m outta date. 🙁 But what I did think of was that old man g HAD book 1

  • Tynna

    I think “buy gold” is a coded message from the secret society.But I know more things:

    The alchemical symbol for gold is dominated by sun or something like this so buy gold = sun ……..
    And.See the circle from the page of journal in the credits?There are all character’s symbols.So,the 6 fingers hand does not mean journals,it means Old Man McGucket.The book is very old so how do he know the kids will come there if they were probably not born when he wrote it?

    Then .
    The part of society


    Why Bill “was”
    Maybe yes,McG Wrote it but he could not know they will do that so Bill told him and he wrote .And they took the journals at least and Bill who was in the society left them and wants revenge and his journals.Or he killed Stan’s twin…couse he has one:Stanley.Stan 1:Stanford Stan 2:Stanley cause on his car the letters mean stanleymobile.That is it.

  • Idoufo

    Has anyone heard that at the end of the intro you can hear “I’m still here” and I think it’s triangle man

  • Idoufo

    There are 12 cryptograms in the Rumble’s Revenge Game:

    l ehw brx’uh zrqghulqj zkr l dP. i bet you’re wondering who i aM.
    l grq’w jlyh xs dqvzhuv hdvB.. i don’t give up answers easY..
    l nQrz wklqjv. Idvflqdwlqj wklqjv… i kNow things. fascinating things…
    brxu uhdolwb lv d jdph wr ph.dqg l olnh jDphv…. your reality is a game to me. and i like gAmes….
    plvfklhi lv pb Plggoh qdph. exw qrw pb iluvw….. mischief is my Middle name. but not my first…..
    wkHuh duh vla klqwv l zloo jlyh brx …… thEre are six hints i will give you ……
    1- wkhuh lv d vhfuhw vrfLhwb lq judylwb idoov……. 1- there is a secret socIety in gravity falls…….
    2- wkh kdqgbpdq nqrzV pruh wkdq brx wklqn…….. 2- the handyman knowS more than you think……..
    3- jlghrq kdv Ehhq vhdufklqj iru vrphwklqj ……… 3- gideon has Been searching for something ………
    4- zkdw jrhv xs Lv vxuh wr frph grzq ………. 4- what goes up Is sure to come down ……….
    5- glsshu lv sOdblqj zlwk iluh ………. 5- dipper is pLaying with fire ………..
    6- l zloo eh uhwxuqlqj wr judylwb idoOv ……….. 6- i will be returning to gravity falLs …………

    • Dazyl

      To do with the game, all the capitals spell out “MY NAME IS BILL”

  • Whoa Idoufo is pretty dam good at this. Stan has a brother. this is in Dreamscapers and in Carpet Diem and also in The Time Travelers Pig. In Dreamscapers when stan is getting beaten up you notice in the top right corner a kid with the same hair as stan. In time travelers pig when mabel and dipper go back in time remember when stan/his brother sticks his head out. Notice how the rim of the glasses is thinner. In Carpet Diem when stan enters the room he takes a pair of glasses and puts him in his shirt. this means that stan has a big secret. Also see that Bill is on the -12 dollar bill. It says in dreamscapers if you look closely in book 2 when Gideon summons Bill cuz it says he is in my wallet. and could Robbie or wendy be a zombie? I have also noticed that some people have 5 fingers and some have 4 fingers. could this mean that you grow an extra finger when you join the secret society. Like grenda. I say this because Sherif blubs had 4 fingers then he had 5! Also this mysterious being could be Loki cuz he is Norse god of mischief. Also notice how close to the end of the credits there is a bunch of letters or numbers. Solve them and find out what they mean people!!!

  • Take all the capitalized letters from Idoufos decoded messages together and you get: MY NAME IS BILL. also the handyman is probably Soos or deuce (from the tent of telepathy)

  • Fishattraction

    There are a few things that I have yet to hear anyone talk about as far as theories go. The first is the symbolism of the 8 ball. I’ve seen it several times, popping up randomly, but no mention to it has been made.

    What if Bill’s top hat and bow tie represent truth? You know, like Abe Lincoln. (Aka honest Abe.) also BILL is seen on the -12 dollar BILL. His name is a play on words.

    What if the messages telling us to distrust Gruncle Stan are misleading, or false? If the whole top hat thing is right, then everything would be in reverse.

    What if the giant machine that Gruncle Stan is revealed to have is a modified form of the shag carpet? (Exp. #78?) if this were true, then it would explain this code: ” plus it will probably get girls to start talking to me, finally.”
    In some of Gruncle Stan’s memories we see that he isn’t attractive and doesn’t seem to have any friends. But If the theories of Stanley’s existence are true, when we do see him he is comparatively more attractive that Stanford.
    I’m just saying that Stanford might be plotting to go back in time and swap places with his brother.

    What if the llama is symbolic of the invisible wizard?

    In the shag carpet episode, what’s up with the date, “July 4th” ?

  • dillibi

    in the end of the intro you can hear IM STILL HEAR and you can se a symbol if you pause and its the triangle man and lots of this show has to do with iluminati

  • ~M

    Ok everyone thinks the message at the end of the show somewhat says,”Im still here,” but if you play it backwards, it says, very clearly,”Three letters back,” which solves all the letter codes throughout the entire show. Fishattraction, are you certain you aren’t a detective? You seem to be quite perceptive.

  • ~M

    Also, pig+goat? Any relations?

  • davidjob


  • Ryan David Frugal Cruz

    got a theory that mcgucket is the founder of the secret book 1,2,3 of gravity falls here is my theory but watch this first Ok you see well you see dipper said UNFORTUNATELY MY SUSPICIOUS HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED I’VE BEEN WATCHED and you see again in book 3 that dipper holds that on bill ciphers page in book 3 above it,it say that IS HE WATCHING ME? and in that page there is a blood which is a very high chance that it’s mcgucket’s blood as you see there is a part in the video where you see that when mcgucket is an adult you see his arms with six fingers and no bandages and the other one that where mcgucket is an old man with five fingers and a bandages that shows that bill cut one of his fingers and i think at the same time that bill cast a spell that makes mcgucket forgets everything he knows about the secret of gravity falls and led him to make him crazy insane robo destructo engineer who makes deadly robots,complicated machines,car lab,the river monster,Grunkle stan’s lab (which is not truly known if he make it),and Gideon robot because there is a part of the video that he look like serious and not doesn’t have insane personality while writing book 3 and he thinks that time that he is watched well my reason i know you see him writing right? well you see behind him there is a triangular shape that there is a sign that bill cipher is right behind him right? i think this is what bill does while mcgucket’s writing book 3.he cut his finger using magic and mcgucket was like PLEASE HELP ME! HEEEELLLPPP! and bill was like NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU! at the same time while bill was talking to mcguckets he write something important in bill cipher page in book 3 well i forgot what is the letter but i think it said do not cast the spell with some blood on the book and when bill saw him writing something he was like NO! YOU CANT STOP ME! and he makes mcgucket paralyzed (except his head) and finish the spell that make mcguckets forgot everything and go insane and when he finished casting the spell mcguckets was like NOOOOO!!!!! then after the spell was casted mcguckets fell asleep like nothing happened and the paralyze effect was gone.Well that’s it guys bye….

  • sara

    People have gone dumb enough not to care for what’s really going on… so don’t sweat yourself much… I think I’m the only 15 year old girl on earth whose eyes are open and know about these STUFF and is interested in them… This thing is all about Illuminati… sth that has existed for a looooong loooong time. And people are just too scared to talk about it. Most successful singers and celebrities are Illuminati. Disney and Marvel, as my researches, have had a big role in USA, today’s kids, people living out their lives… all mankind…

    There’s a big problem here… This mess is so big that it can’t be picked up. I know it’s dangerous to say it here…… *whispering* but I think USA’s government wants it to be this way… Are they doing anything about this infectious preposterous post apocalyptic virus?!… NO! I got clues and here are some satanist… *hushhhh* ……………….. I’m not telling you. It’s too dangerous. Go search. But I’m sure about: Riannah, Madonna, Eminem, JayZ, Miley Cyrus(newly) , Taylor Momsen, Britney Spears… they’re A LOT! The triangle thing that is everywhere, especially the eye, is the Satan. It also has sth to do with the pyramids. Which is told about in “The Big Bang Theory” ‘s theme song… “… we built the pyramids. math, science…” which again is totally an Illuminati series(disney. mouse, Howard’s belts, Marvel stories…).. I think I’ve “HINTED” enough….also the goat is from the satanist symbol, the Star.