Monday Morning Videomania #31: Manborg Rises, GAMER Music, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Monday Morning Videomania #31

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Somehow this week’s Videomania post turned into a cult sci-fi revival of sorts which, frankly, is pretty fucking awesome! Until now, I didn’t realize just how many nostalgia-centric projects were being released this year and I’m sure there’s many more that we’ve yet to uncover. If you find a video you think we should share – send it our way along with your name and a link to your website/blog and we’ll include it in a future Videomania post!]

Manborg (2012) – Official Trailer

From the truly twisted minds of Astron-6 (Father’s Day) and Raven Banner Entertainment (Monster Brawl) comes a home video-style sci-fi/trash flick straight out of an early 80s: MANBORG! Low budget? Sure. But between it’s awesome concept (supersoldier vs Nazi vampires!), stop motion monsters and balls-out action there’s plenty to love. The DVD will be available later this month (April 30th)… I’m so there!

Gamer – Shaping Staff (Official Music Video)

This sweet pixel art music video for synth musician GAMER pays homage to both old school PC gaming and Bladerunner with trippy colors, exotic characters and one freaky-as-hell ending sequence. Seriously, this makes me want to dig up a copy of Police Quest and play it until my eyes bleed. Also, note to self: never go home with a mysterious green-haired chick, they’re always bad news.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Official Trailer

In the tradition of heroes like Duke Nukem, Matt Hazard and Serious Sam comes Far Cry’s Sergeant Rex Power Colt – a “Mark IV Cyber Commando” for the U.S. army out to prevent a futuristic cyber hell (oh yeahhh)! Now, not having previous knowledge of the Far Cry series I’d have to say that as a stand-alone game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon looks like neon-spray-painted-apocalyptic fun. Heck, I’d even pay to see the cartoon series but I’ll settle for playing the game on May 1st!

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