FIRST LOOK: Lost Concept Art for John Buechler’s Defunct ‘Garbage Pail Kids’ Film

Lost Garbage Pail Kids Artwork

UPDATE 4/1/2013: Okay, so we didn’t fool you guys today but hopefully you enjoyed our little April Fools gag. A quick mention goes out to Brent Engstrom for an awesome job on the artwork and our own Mike Waison for helping spark the idea!

GPK MovieAs many of you know, last year former Disney CEO Michael Eisner (who now owns Topps) announced plans for a new feature-length Garbage Pail Kids movie with Michael Vukadinovich (screenwriter) and PES (director) attached. What you may not know is that before the original film cast its abominable shadow on audiences in 1987, it was pitched as a very different kind of movie.

The much darker version, which would have been directed by special effects artist John Carl Buechler, saw the Garbage Pail Kids “spawned by radioactive sludge” and turned into pint-sized, homicidal little maniacs. The film was reportedly scrapped over its violent content and obscene language and rewritten by Melinda Palmer and Rod Amateau (who also directed). At least Buechler’s designs for the suits remained intact (sorta).

Up until now most of what’s known about Buechler’s film has been speculation… that is, until a piece of pre-production artwork and rough story notes were discovered in a Topps’ storage facility. Reportedly, the materials were part of a development proposal that was mis-labeled during filing. Check out the would-be promo poster below!



When a waste treatment facility finds a way to cut corners by dumping radioactive sludge in a local garbage dump, their act leads to a series of humorously gruesome murders. Seemingly harmless, broken dolls rise up as mutant freaks with a thirst for carnage that culminates in one of the zaniest creature features ever!

I can’t help but wonder how much more awesome this film would’ve been, especially if Buechler had been given the budget (and time) to make his animatronic suits to actually work. While I don’t know about making the Kids into killers I guess a Child’s Play-esque combo of comedy and horror could’ve worked really well.

Written by Rondal

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