Collector Spotlight #8 — Christopher Bacon’s Batcave

[Welcome back to our Collector Spotlight feature where we spotlight members of the SKC community who have dedicated their time, money and living space to amassing an awe-inspiring collection of toys, games, pencil toppers or novelty soaps. If you collect it, are proud of it and want to share it this is your chance!]

This week our spotlight falls on long time club member Christopher Bacon (aka Mr. Bacon) who also happened to be a Runner-Up in last year’s Create Your Own ‘Monster Cereal’ Mascot Contest for his Martian Mallow creation. Apparently, though, Bacon is into more than just monsters – he’s also an avid collector of Batman-related merchandise, from Hot Wheels to action figures and more!

bacons-batman-collection-insetBACON: Hey guys! My name is Bacon and I have a slight obsession with Batman. When I was 8 my dad took me to go see the first Tim Burton film and I was hooked on the character. I’ve always enjoyed comics and other heroes and tales but that movie solidified it for me. I still wish I had a lot of my stuff from when I was younger. Only some of it I managed to keep up with through the years, the loose figures you see are what’s left from back then.

Batman has just had so many forms of character structure, while growing up there was always a form for me to relate to. In the younger years it was all campy Adam West stuff (let’s skip Schumacher’s take) and then the comics gave me a gritty Batman to follow in my teens. Now, between the Nolan films and comics, I have a Batman that answers to my adult side.

Though I haven’t personally bought anything for my collection in a few years, I’m that guy who, when people see something with a bat symbol on it, they think of me and get it for me.

bacons-batman-collection1 bacons-batman-collection2 bacons-batman-collection3 bacons-batman-collection4 bacons-batman-collection5

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Written by Rondal

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