ANCS 2013: Interview with Terry Parr and Halo Seraphim of Shonuff Studios

Shonuff Studio

Austin Nerd Cave 2013Another week brings with it another look at the many artists who will make up this year’s Austin Nerd Cave Showcase (ANCS). This time we’ve got the radical duo at Shonuff Studios, Terry Parr and Halo Seraphim!

Like a one-two punch combo, Terry and Halo offer original art prints, comics, custom toys, graphic design and more… like “cleavage buttons.” They also happen to be big fans of 80s martial arts flick The Last Dragon which earns them bonus cool points in my book.

So, Terry and Halo… “who’s the baddest mofo low down around this town?”

BOTH: Shonuff Studio!

Sweet. Okay, moving on – how did you first meet each other and when did you unite to found ShoNuff Studio?

TERRY: We met at a live musical that Halo was performing in. Our first time hanging out was sharing a table at Staple! in Austin, it was then that we decided that we couldn’t spend another day away from each other. We decided to name our studio after the movie that brought us closer together, The Last Dragon.


Artwork by Halo

You each seem to bring a unique skill set to the studio. What sort of work do you produce/sell/create?

TERRY: Ok here’s a mostly complete list of our combined abilities/services: illustration, comic book art, caricatures, custom toys, manga, album covers/book covers, graphic design, buttons, and prints.

What do you think makes your collaboration so successful?

TERRY: I think most of our success can be attributed to the fact that we spend all our time together (working, being parents, traveling, etc.) and we haven’t killed each other yet, that’s pretty helpful.

Indeed it is! So who has some of your biggest inspirations as an artist?

TERRY: Adam Hughes, Jack Kirby, Dave Stevens, Leinel Francis Yu, Kerry Gammill, and Mike Patton!

HALO: Junko Mizuno, Ralph Bakshi, Naoko Takeuchi, Jhonen Vasquez, Clive Barker, Jim Davis.

terry-sexy-she-hulk terry-sexy-klingon

Artwork by Terry Parr

How do find balance, what do you do to clear your mind and refuel your creativity?

TERRY: Coffee, looking through old comic books, sculpting, listening to music, watching art tutorials on youtube, watching Super Sentai.

Nerd to nerd… to nerd. Who makes a better trainer: Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid or Doc Louis from Punch-Out?

TERRY: Mr. Miyagi of course… although I think he was just really lazy and wanted Daniel to clean and fix his house up.

Agreed, Miyagi always was a shrewd one. So will this be your first year attending Austin Nerd Cave Showcase (ANCS)? If not, how was your previous experience?

TERRY: This will be our third time attending Austin Nerd Cave! Every ANCS we do just keeps getting better and better.

dr-who-halo halo-skull

Artwork by Halo

As independent artists, what’s one of the biggest benefits of an event like ANCS?

TERRY: Being able to meet up with other indy artists and make new friends… or enemies.

Do you have any other appearances lined up for this year?

TERRY: Quite a few! There’s Convergence Goth Festival in Austin, Dallas Comic Con, Project A-Kon, Denver Comic Con… we do so many shows a year! For a full list please visit our website.

Okay, before we let you get back to it, what’s the strangest thing you can remember doing as a kid?

TERRY: My friend and I bought a goldfish at a local store and then we walked to the supermarket which was close by. We decided to go into the bathroom and to our surprise in the toilet was a long piece of poop (lol). I immediately dumped the goldfish in the toilet and it started swimming around the turd… we were laughing and we wished we stuck around long enough to see the next person who entered the toilet stall.

HALO: He’s got me beat!

AUSTIN NERD CAVE SHOWCASE is a one-day event on Sunday, April 7th (6pm) at Tribe Comics And Games that features live sketching, rad comic-themed merch, fine art, toys, a photo booth, and more!

Written by Rondal

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