Is Roger Rabbit Returning to the Big Screen?

The Stooge

the-stooge-mickey-roger-rabbitIt would seem that way and this time his sidekick is a bit more cheerful than Eddie Valiant. Apparently he’ll be teaming up with none Mickey Mouse in a new buddy comedy based on a 50s film starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis called THE STOOGE.

Okay, so technically The Stooge is only in the proposal phase, but reports indicate that producer Gary K. Wolf (creator of Roger Rabbit) is pretty confident that it’s a sure thing for Disney/Pixar. In a recent interview with UK website Filmoria, concept artist and art director Douglas Sirois revealed that:

The Stooge has a treatment and we have a few writers brainstorming. We are developing more concept art. We have two directors interested and are actively looking for a Disney producer to take it to the next level. It is a great concept and a ton of fun developing. We also have been working with Gary K. Wolf on some Roger Rabbit short animation concepts that will also grab more attention and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the character this year!

Check out this smoking awesome proposal artwork! What do you think about this project, ready for Roger Rabbit to return?

Written by Rondal

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