Eyes Open Wide: The Lower Class’s ‘Extraneous’ Music Video

Wassup SKC crew!? Do you wake up in the morning feeling tired? Do you feel the need to eat at regular intervals during the day? Have you got thumbs? Then you are ill, some may even say cursed… but it’s OK don’t fret because Eyes Open Wide has got the cure. Get ready to throw away those thumbs, start only eating at inappropriate times and waking up with a bounce in your step as we delve into another instalment of trippy and twisted videos.


The animation this time is the music video for The Lower Class‘s Extraneous. The animation does what I find quite a lot of trippy videos do, which is focus on the centre of the screen. It has a classic mixture of those pretty colours I know you all love and a countless amount of shape shifting faces and characters, which however not synced to the music works very well with it. The video is brought to us by blogs Apple Juice Break and Oh So Fresh! Music and was animated by Kartune (a member of The Lower Class).


The music accompanying the video is what I would call, flute driven, metaphor ridden American Hip-Hop. It is quite chilled out and has an easy listening feel to it. This track can be found on their much anticipated street album Wingfield. You can download Extraneous for free on SoundCloud.

If you are into more chilled out vocal Hip-Hop rather than the sort of garbage Eminem and 50-Cent are barfing into the mainstream, then I would suggest checking The Lower Class out.

Don’t fall off the world… and when you’re through to the other side, remember to keep your Eyes open Wide!

Written by Ben Furse

Half man, half top hat, all strange kid. Ben has what could be called an unhealthy obsession with all things animated and twisted. He spends his days producing music, contemplating the superfluous consciousness of parallel stimuli and absorbing as much animation and information as his now shriveled brain can handle. In a last ditch attempt to communicate with the world outside his window he now logs his opinions and views to release upon the internet. With sleeping patterns as strange as the man himself he has more than enough time to invade your minds...

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