Monday Morning Videomania #26: 16-Bit Doctor Who, Dino Yacht Club, Ninjas vs Zombies

Ninjas vs Zombies - Shut Up Cartoons

Doctor Who 16-Bit RPG

Doctor Who fans have good reason to rejoice this month as Matt Smith returns in the second half of Doctor Who Season 7 on Saturday, 30 March. As my introduction to the Who-verse, Season 7 (and Season 6) have been by far my favorite and this 16-bit short by Philadelphia-based artist/animator/musician Doctor Octoroc captures every plot in loving 16-bit RPG-ish glory. While there have been more than a few actual video games based on the franchise, I don’t believe any of them would be quite as fun to play as this… to bad it’s not real.

Dino Yacht Club : OH, WIILLOUGHBY!)

Co-created by Steve Greene and Michael Gallagher, DINO YACHT CLUB is a web series set in the 80s that features three posh dinosaurs (Charles, Witherby, Countess Erica) who work covertly for the US government. As inexplicably funny as it is incoherent the Dinos’ main nemesis is Piggy Von Hoggington, a horribly mishappen hog who hovers around (poorly) plots world domination. It probably helps that the Dinos also get to fly rocket planes and drink cocktails all to a very 80s soundtrack.

NINJAPPRECIATION DAY (Zombies vs. Ninjas #1)

Equal parts Robot Chicken and South Park (by way of a R-rated Power Rangers), NINJAS vs ZOMBIES is yet another web series, this one first appearing on SMOSH’s Shut Up! Cartoons channel last year. Featuring 5 multi-colored ninjas (and a hand puppet), otherwise known as “5 of the baddest Ninja badasses to ever team up against the Zombie menace,” the series combines action and comedy – and balls out weirdness – that finds our “heroes” battling mad scientists, zombies and internet piracy… when they’re not watching porn or eating pizza.

Written by Rondal

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