Eyes Open Wide: Lorn’s ‘Diamond’ Music Video

Eyes Open Wide, your bi-weekly series of trippy and twisted animation is back to kick down the doors of your mind, let itself in and fall asleep on the sofa of your subconscious. This week we have one of my favourite music videos, Lorn’s ‘Diamond.’ This video may be a little less “trippy” than some of the others that I have brought you throughout the weeks on EOW but it is the overall experience of this video that brings a more subtle type of twisted, trippy feel to it.



Animated by Max Friedrich and designed to look like a retro, side-scrolling platform game the aesthetics of this video are great! Subversively entrancing, it begins with a young boy running across the screen followed by his cat. After a few screens an ominous fog begins to envelop the screen and you realise what the boy is running from. As the video continues it builds its way through to the drop of the song where both the animation and music take a more sinister turn.


The animation is affected heavily buy the music. For example, at one point a snare sample plays 3 times causing a set of 3 stairs to appear. Kick and clap samples also cause various walls to appear and disappear and the ominous fog is synced with a dark synthesised pad sound that oscillates in and out of velocity. All of this is brought together to comprise a massive crescendo building up to an epic drop full of synths designed to perfectly match its visuals.

Lorn is an artist than can deconstruct the very nature of emotion and then digitize it’s elements into amazingly well thought out structures and designs. He is an artist that should be appreciated for the sheer production value of his tracks and the inventiveness that they never fail to show. He is by far one of my favourite artists.

Don’t fall off the world… and when you’re through to the other side, remember to keep your Eyes open Wide!

Written by Ben Furse

Half man, half top hat, all strange kid. Ben has what could be called an unhealthy obsession with all things animated and twisted. He spends his days producing music, contemplating the superfluous consciousness of parallel stimuli and absorbing as much animation and information as his now shriveled brain can handle. In a last ditch attempt to communicate with the world outside his window he now logs his opinions and views to release upon the internet. With sleeping patterns as strange as the man himself he has more than enough time to invade your minds...

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