Strange Medicine! The Top 5 Doctors of Popular Culture

Top 5 Doctors of Pop Culture

The medical institution is one of the most prominent in the world. We owe it for saving our asses from lots of stuff during centuries despite outrageous bills and their occasional attempts to experiment on us from time to time. Nonetheless doctors have been able to obtain a quite respectful status in our creative society by becoming bizarre members of popular culture, raging from shadowy figures who can perform dubious operation for money to paladins of health and sanity. Let’s see then who among them is the most iconic of the iconic.

By the way… no Doctorates, Healers, Psychiatrist, Doctors of the Space Time Continuum or random guys with “Doctor” in their name, this list is for good old professional Medics only. So, sorry Hugo, Harley and Who (I like him, I just think he’s closer to an intergalactic mechanic than a physician).

5) Need a Doctor? Why not Zoidberg?

Oh yeah! I did it and you all saw it! This Planet Express physician comes in at a worthy number 5 despite the irregularities in his title. Although he has claimed he is a Doctorate in Art History, it was later established that he is an actual doctor expert on every creature of the universe but humans (except in a butcher-surgeon sort of way), which explains why despite his incompetence he is able to stitch people back together with such incredible skill. John Zoidberg may be a stooge, but he’s also a loyal and caring stooge, even if it costs him a fortune and a ton of memes.

4) Doctor Strange

Even though he’s no longer the Sorcerer Supreme and a master of all things magic in the Marvel Universe, let’s not forget that the good Doctor was one the very best in the medical field (not to mention a huge jerk). Doctor Strange was the best surgeons there could be in medicine but his ego and a tragic accident made him lose everything. After learning of humility and finding the Ancient One, Strange put his medical career on the back-burner for the magical ones.

3) Doctor Gregory House

Third in our list comes the man responsible for gluing more people to their TV to see medicine go wrong or right than Scrubs. Dr. Gregory House, or House, is a bitter yet oddly charming medical practitioner with an attitude that landed at “The Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital” in New Jersey. Based around the character of Sherlock Holmes this cynical and drug abusing man uses deduction and logic rather than the typical medical approach to solve medical mysteries in otherwise incurable cases. His style may charm some, but it’s his contribution to modern medical pop culture and cynical view of life really earns him the number 3 spot.

2. Dr. McNinja

He is a Doctor, who is also a Ninja, who is a medical genius capable of curing Paul Barnyard disease and Mummy Rot, can predict illnesses, has a Gorilla nurse that wields a bazooka, a 12 year old bandito sidekick with an epic mustache, comes from a long line of Irish Ninjas, was trained in medicine by a clone of Benjamin Franklin, is obsessed with Batman, punched Dracula in the face while facing him in his Moon Castle, has given pirates peg faces, loves Ghostbusters, has certified the approval of Pope John Paul II to smash robots, was part of a team of young heroes that defeated bad guys, defeated an alien dinosaur invasion and that’s just a scratch of his skills… get why he’s number 2?

1. Black Jack

The original badass doctor, Black Jack is the most shadowy doctor in the world. For those of you who don’t know, Black Jack is a manga/anime about a rouge doctor created by the great Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy). As the main character he’s a man so skilled in the field of medicine that had his title revoked thanks to his envious, corrupted colleagues. “Reconstructed” by his future mentor when he was a child and having a patch of black skin due to a donation from his best friend, Black Jack lives isolated from society charging outrageous sums of money for his God-like skills.

What makes Black Jack stand above everyone in this list, beyond being the ultimate surgeon, is that he has a very strict and straight forward policy when treating patients: he takes in any patient, from Yakuza gangsters to innocent children. He will, however, deny treatment to people if he believes they deserve it. He’s a man who has fooled the rich, humiliated the powerful and empowered the less fortunate with his medical skills and, unlike House, he has a spark in his cruelness that shows us he believes in the kindness of the human spirit.

BONUS! Check out this awesome Japanese TV promo where Black Jack and House trash each other. If nothing else, it’s hilarious to hear the “Japanese” House’s voice!

Written by Borja Chavarri

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    Believe it or not, “Black Jack” has been the subject of Takarazuka musicals over the years and they recently performed the latest one this year. So it would be interesting to see an all girl version of it…