Collector Spotlight #6 — Jason Sharman

[Welcome to our Collector Spotlight feature where we spotlight members of the SKC community who have dedicated their time, money and living space to amassing an awe-inspiring collection of toys, games, pencil toppers or novelty soaps. If you collect it, are proud of it and want to share it this is your chance!]

After a brief hiatus, our Collector Spotlight series is back on track and we’re not playing around… but our featured collector, Jason Sharman, sure is this week. In fact, he’s got a mountain of games to choose from Fireball Island to Cap’n Crunch… even The Real Ghostbusters board game!

JASON SHARMAN: As a young kid in the ’80s, I lived within 5 minutes walking distance of my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We would frequently get together at my grandparents, sit around the kitchen table, and play one of the boardgames from their collection. One of our favourite games was Rummoli (which I now have in my collection).

Sadly, many of the boardgames we used to have were sold at our family garage sales. From time to time I will find and buy one of the classics that we used to play on eBay and add it to my collection. For me, boardgames are a way to connect with the people around me and they bring nothing but great memories.

Written by Rondal

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