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Strange Kids Club is Going to Staple! Expo – Table 68b

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February 25, 2013


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Strange Kids Club is Going to Staple! Expo – Table 68b

I’m excited to announce that this weekend (Sat­ur­day and Sun­day March 2–3, 2013) Strange Kids Club will be making it’s covention debut at Austin’s Sta­ple! Inde­pen­dent Media Expo! We’ll be reassembling up a portion of the clubhouse onsite at TABLE #68b… not sure what the “b” stands for but I it’s going to be awesome.

In fact, we’ll be selling past issues of the SK Magazine as well as brand-spanking new items like our Melmac Attacks by James Callahan and M.O.N.S.T.E.R. Hand sticker by Aaron Blecha, not to mention our new Clash of the Toxic Titans print by Zé Burnay AND for the first time a print of Glen Brogan‘s Where’s Jason?!*

So, if you’re in Austin or anywhere remotely close, make sure you stop by and tell us hello!

We’re really excited about our first expo, so help spread the word! Share this on Facebook or tweet it on Twitter.

Strange Kids Club at Stable! Expo 2013

*PLEASE NOTE: All of these items will be made available in our online store, SKC Shop, after the show this weekend.

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