Monday Morning Videomania #25: Fox Goes Retro, Starbarians Rule, Meet Buck

Starbarians Episode 2 Teaser

FOX Retro by Punga

Produced by creative agency Punga and directed by Gabriel Fermanelli this nostalgia-filled :40 spot was done for FOX’s Retro channel in Italy back in 2011 and features a handful of television icons from Mr. T to Arthur Fonzarelli in glorious 8-bit form! Not only that, but these TV characters clash with classic video game characters as well… like Arnold (Garry Coleman) and Mr. T taking on the ghosts from Pacman, Star Trek blasting through Space Invaders or Wonder Woman racking up coins in the Mushroom Kingdom!


From the gleefully twisted mind of animator Harry Partridge (Saturday Morning Watchmen), Starbarians is a parody/love letter to cartoons from the 80s like My Little Pony, SilverHawks and Masters of the Universe with in with a Monkey Island-esque sense of comedy that stars two antiheroes, Killgar and Hogstrong, in their quest for blood… and boobies. Unfortunately, production on Episode 2 has been stalled since last August. When or if we’ll get to see another episode remains to be seen, but I’m hoping we will.


Buck is a nice enough guy. He’s got a Back to the Future tee, a sweet ride that would make Pee-Wee Herman squeal and he just so happens to have a deer head. Nobody’s perfect, right? Anyway, he’s somehow got a terrific girlfriend… too bad her father is the crazed hunter-type who wants to shoot ‘im, stuff ‘im and mount Buck on the wall. Before you know it things go from bad to worse and back to awesome as Buck’s future “father-in-law” gets what’s coming to him.

Written by Rondal

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