The Top 5: Cartoon Characters That’d Make Memorable Presidents

President's Day - 2013

Today is President’s Day and we’re feeling pretty patriotic around the clubhouse so, in honor of the holiday, we thought we’d take a look at five inept and highly unusual choices for the next president of the strange kid universe. With these five “ideal” candidates you’d never know what you’ll get, but one thing is certain… the country world would be a much more interesting place.

The Mayor – Powerpuff Girls

The Mayor would, of course, need the aid of a certain super-powered trio of kids and his trusty aid Ms. Bellum, but the Mayor would at least have good intentions at heart for the country. Sure, there’d be an attack from a monster of megalomaniac every five minutes, and there’d be catastrophic damage to landmarks and city streets, but at least he’d be a charming president with some interesting ideas and laws to uphold. Behind every man is a good woman of course, and the Mayor has four.

Professor X – X-Men

Professor Xavier would have his rebels who would disagree with his ideologies, but the Professor would be the most interesting man to have in the White House for the sheer fact that he believes in equality for all races and breeds, and would push for some new laws that would treat mutants as humans. Of course he might ask everyone to wear costumes and fight megalomaniacal villains for him, but that’s just a guideline, I’m presuming.

Cosgrove – Freakazoid!

He just wants a can of hash and some coffee, and perhaps a trip to Spumoni Land, but Cosgrove would provide some hilarious and inept leadership. He’d need someone to help him from trailing off on his own devices, and prevent him from getting into trouble, but with Cosgrove’s deadpan demands and declarations, he’d be taken seriously… even in the midst of poo gas.

Shere Kahn – Talespin

Aside from the fact that he’s a bipedal tiger, the character in Talespin knows how to dress in a dapper suit, and keeps to himself in his humongous office in his towers. Whenever he’s approached by an enemy or a nuisance, he’s never above raising an eyebrow and showing sheer discontent. Deep down though, he’s a very menacing and dangerous individual who cannot be reckoned with. Kahn would rule with an iron fist and be basically like every business man in existence except, you know, he’s a tiger.

Doctor Doom – Fantastic Four

Doctor Doom is a man that would build everything in his image, and only present illusion of freedom. So basically, he’d be like every politician in existence! Thanks, I’ll be here all week! Doctor Doom is a man who believes in fighting for the oppressed and the unjust, but he’s also a cruel and somewhat vein egomaniac who just can’t let bygones be bygones for certain individuals in the country, especially those of the foursome variety.

Who would you vote for?

Written by Felix Vasquez Jr.

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