Eyes Open Wide: 16bit – ‘Dinosaur’ Music Video

16bit – 'Dinosaur' Music Video

Hello again strange kids. Still looking for purpose in all the wrong places hey? Still as easily amazed as those first two guys who thought Superman could be a bird or a plane? Well it’s all right my lovelies you just settle yourselves down because it is that time again, time for your bi-weekly dose of strange animation and this week it comes to you in the form of the music video for 16bit‘s track Dinosaur.

If you have ever wondered what it might be like to have a time machine that is powered solely by your consumption of LSD you might just be in luck as this twisted animation shows prehistoric life as never seen before. While only being a short 2:04 this video is full of fast paced, well-synced animation, morphing organisms and those ‘pretty colours’ I know you all love so much.

The track can be categorized as dubstep, comprising of simple half time drums with some well designed synths and the type of phat oscillated basslines that I have come to expect from 16bit over the years, while the video is directed & animated by Kristofer Ström, Colonel Blimp & Blinkink. Ström is a great animator who has done fantastic work on a lot of videos and whose youtube channel is full of smart and strange animations and CGI. He has definitely surpassed himself with this trippy video for 16bit and I would suggest checking out more of his work.

Don’t fall off the world… and when you’re through to the other side, remember to keep your Eyes Open Wide!

Written by Ben Furse

Half man, half top hat, all strange kid. Ben has what could be called an unhealthy obsession with all things animated and twisted. He spends his days producing music, contemplating the superfluous consciousness of parallel stimuli and absorbing as much animation and information as his now shriveled brain can handle. In a last ditch attempt to communicate with the world outside his window he now logs his opinions and views to release upon the internet. With sleeping patterns as strange as the man himself he has more than enough time to invade your minds...

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