TRUFUN Entertainment Goes Retro with ‘Rad Raygun’ Indie Game

Rad Raygun video game

UPDATED 2/5/1013: The game is currently available for peer review only. The actual launch date should be announced soon.

There’s no greater sense of achievement after a long day of surfing the internets for inspiration than a totally random find at the very last second. Today, the find just happens to be the mind-meltingly cool Rad Raygun – an homage to old school video games who chosen form is that of Gameboy’s infamous pixelated pea green soup. Oh yes, and that hideous soup has never tasted so good.

In development by TRUFUN Entertainment since 2010 (check out the original trailer, Rad Raygun is an homage to 80s video game on every level from its chiptunes soundtrack to the previously mentioned color scheme and resolution. The retro-inspired references go even deeper than that, as you’ll notice clever nods to former president Ronald Reagan and New Wave band Devo in the new trailer.

Apparently the game is already on XBOX live arcade (XBLA), though I’ve yet to confirm it, and if it is you can guess what I’ll be playing tonight!



It’s 198X, and only Rad Raygun can stop the evil Communist empire from taking over the world! Take control of the first ever portable fighting robot, and travel across the globe to protect America’s interests, spread democracy, and free the markets! What’s better, you’ll be doing all of this as only an 8-bit action hero can; by shooting a bunch of Communist robots and running to the right! Along the way you’ll find new weapons and upgrades to Rad’s abilities, meet new friends, encounter (considerably more) enemies, and see famous world landmarks rendered in glorious Low-Definiton 144p 4-shade monochrome graphics!

Written by Rondal

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  • Oh man I am so loving these retro looking newly made games. I have no idea what to call this genre really.. Add another one to the play list, thanx for the suggestion