Monday Morning Videomania #22: Space Pirates, Steven Seagal, Cereal Killers Movie

The Steven Seagal Show - Ep 2

Cereal Killers – Official Trailer

If you were to take every well known cereal mascot and put them in The Expendables, what would you get? Well, if you’re lucky it’d be Cereal Killers, an unfortunately fake movie starring a handful of sugary cereal mascots (including Count Chocula!) who’ve teamed up to take down the diabolical Quaker Oats man. While the trailer could be a little funnier, the concept behind it is wickedly cool. We can only wish something like this will ever exist.

The Steven Seagal Show: Episode 2

Steven Seagal, the action hero we love to hate or, as animator Ken McIntyre puts it, “Tinseltown’s most notoriously tubby, whispering neck-snapper.” Seagal starts a blood bath in a fast food restaurant and not even Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) can stop him. Looking for a simple refund, things quickly escalate to the point that Seagal is shooting lasers from his eyes and slicing a guy in half… with his body! But if you think all that’s insane, just wait until the donkey shows up.

Space Pirate Captain Harlock Teaser

I don’t know a lot about this one other than it involves pirates, space travel and Toei Animation (Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Devilman)… and really what more does one need to know aside from that? Well okay, for those that are curious, Space Pirate Captain Harlock is apparently a 3D CGI feature adaptation of Leiji Matsumoto’s original manga (which also has a anime series) from the 1970s in which Captain Harlock and his crew of outlaws rise against a group of vegetable-based women (the Mazone) to save mankind from despair and destruction. Weird.

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